Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Intro- Am I An Idiot??

Apparently I am. I've always had this insane desire to complete a triathlon. And by "triathlon," I mean a sprint. It depends on the race, but it's roughly a 750 meter swim, 20 mile bike ride and a 3.2 mile run (a 5K). A true triathlon consists of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and you finish running a marathon (26.2 miles)... I'm not that stupid.... yet. But a sprint, I figure I can handle. Or can I??

I am a stay at home wife and mother of 3 children. My kids are ages 5, 2 and 6 months (he's still nursing). So again I ask? Am I an idiot?? Yeah. Probably.

"If God invented marathons to keep people from doing anything more stupid, then the triathlon must have taken Him completely by surprise."

But an idiot or not, it's something I want to do. Yes, I may have a college degree. Yes, I gave birth to 3 children and nursed them all for a year. Yes, I run a household.... but sometimes I feel like I've never really accomplished anything. Of course, raising children is an ultimate accomplishment, but I'm still in the process of that. Even childbirth itself was relatively easy given the wonderful invention of an epidural.  

When I say I haven't accomplished something- I mean something that I've worked hard for. Looking back, I don't even think college what that much of a challenge. Of course parts of it were, but overall, it was just something I did. I'm sure when my children are gone, I won't say raising them was "easy," but they are still young and at this point, raising them has mostly been about survival..... but a triathlon..... now that sounds like a challenge. 

I trained for a 5K a few years ago. But in my training, when I was running 2 miles consistently, I injured my leg. I was really upset about it too because it wasn't better by race time. This past April I had our third (and last) baby. The past 6 months have been full of shuffling 3 children, night time nursings and constant stretchy pants. I'm ready to move on, get out of the stretch pants and see what I can do. I guess what I'm staying is that I'm totally starting from square one here. 

So here I go.... welcome to my journey. 

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