Monday, October 15, 2012


The gym I use is at a university, and they are on fall break, so it's closed for a few days. Yay! No swimming! hahaha.

I found a triathlon training schedule online HERE, it's what they call "conservative" and is a 22 week program (roughly 5 months). I don't have a triathlon date yet (no one has posted the 2013 schedule) but I'm anticipating doing the "event" around May. So a 5 month training program is perfect. It allows me time to train and maintain before the race. And if I need extra time, I have it.

I recently downloaded the Couch to 5K app on my phone. I really like it. I also downloaded some music. The app plays your playlist and then a little voice will interrupt the song and tell you when to run, walk, the distance you've covered, etc. It's great! I use it and I don't have to do any "thinking."  (heaven forbid!)

This morning I really didn't want to workout. I was going to skip it and clean out the kids closets. I said, "I'm going to change out the kids season clothes" to my husband (who is also on the aforementioned fall break) and he said, "I thought you were going to run." Man! He got me.

For the first lap I was like, "this sucks," but after when I was done I thought, " I did it! And I didn't even want to!" So workout today- complete. I also cleaned the whole house and washed AND folded all the laundry (which never happens in the same day). Woohoo for me! It's been a very productive day! (and its only 3pm)

Me and my baby after my run. Does anyone else freak out if their hair touches their face when they exercise? I have to have mine tied back and the wisps headbanded to my head. I hate hair in my face.

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